The Last Drop

For those prepared to take the theatre of glassware and pouring to a new level, we introduce Last Drop’s “Penelope”.

It’s a remarkable device that detects the presence of a glass and bows accordingly to decant exactly 50ml of liquid into the bespoke tumbler. A mischievous exploration of the traditional decanter, Penelope extends the tasting experience with its slow, graceful bowing motion, offering a moment of reflection and stillness before pouring a perfect serving.

Penelope, named after the wife of LDD’s co-founder Tom Jago, who never poured him a drink, enhances the experience by adding an element of theatre – another sensory dimension by creating a striking visual spectacle prior to drinking.

Last Drop, a Sazerac-owned company, specialises in sourcing rare and sought after bottlings from whisk(e)y producers all over the world, teamed up with Harvey & John, a Brighton-based team of inventors, designers, artists and engineers who reinvent everyday objects and experiment with abstract ideas to develop practical innovations that amaze and inspire.

Together they delivered “Penelope”, an incredible new way of pouring whisky into a glass, reinventing an age old ritual that has remained relatively untouched for centuries. Penelope, also known as “Pours” is an intuitive decanter that pours a drink all by itself.


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