Spirits Brochure 2018/19

In 2017, after months spent talking to bartenders and bar owners, we launched our first dedicated Spirits magazine. It was meant to be something that people who were passionate and knowledgeable about spirits would actually enjoy reading. It was a first for us and we were equal parts excited and nervous when it hit the trade. Luckily, we’ve had plenty of people tell us that they loved it, had fun reading it and were eagerly waiting for the next one. So here we are.

We had a lot of fun working with Tom Sandham and Ben McFarland, the Thinking Drinkers, last year so we have roped them in again for our 2018 edition. With the same free-ranging brief of “strongly held opinions, the voice of experience; roaring successes and spectacular failures from people who own or tend bars, make or sell spirits. Tell us stories that inspire us” they disappeared to Mexico and drank tequila. But they brought back some great stories for Spirits 2, from Mexico and elsewhere, and we hope you get the same kick out of reading them as we did.

The editorial content of the magazine includes some great thoughts on how to engage and educate consumers at the bar. How to encourage them to explore, to spend more, and to enjoy an experience that you just can’t replicate at home. Every product in our expanded range (check out gin, rum and tequila as well as some interesting new whiskies) has a story to tell, a reason to tempt a consumer to try it. Enjoy the read, browse the range and watch out for more Distilled news over the coming months!


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