Spirits Brochure 2023/24

The industry is still very much feeling the impact from the last 18 months and, in many ways, still trying to understand the lasting changes that are likely to be permanent as we get attempt to get back on our collective feet. The transition of our relationship with the EU has brought additional challenges, in both predictable and unexpected ways. All of this would spell disaster for an industry less populated by passionate, resilient and innovative people, and we should all stop for a moment and appreciate that.
Here at Distilled we’ve seen some pretty significant changes too; we are now a part of the Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company or the somewhat snappier CMBC – a joint venture between two businesses with very different strengths. Under this new venture we have never been more excited to look to the future. Until then, we have pulled together a selection of the bits of the range that we love in this magazine – a magazine that doesn’t represent our full range, but a bit of a taster. For the full five-course feast check out our website at distilleduk.com or ask your sales manager for more information.

Before you do that, check out some of our tips on navigating high volume drinks service, covering everything from ice and bar set up, to batch-preparing drinks and planning rotas. We’ve got plenty of recipes too – actually, we had a look at what people have been searching for online (don’t panic, only the
drinks related stuff) and created a list of twists on the classics people have been muddling through at home. This could be a great way to remind your customers of exactly what they have been missing.
We also spoke to Sue Leckie and James Crader about the physical health of bartenders; a conversation that is, let’s be honest, probably overdue. It is at times a tough, physical job involving a lot of long hours, late nights and early mornings, where the average age of employees can often mask the potential toll
that this can take. With the focus mostly spent on looking after others, it can be easy to forget to look after yourself.

Tired of losing track of National Tequila Day? We put a calendar of drinks together so you can plan some special drinks around those special days. Tie it in with a bit of social media activity and you can definitely squeeze a little extra margin from these opportunities. National Tequila Day is the 24th July, just in case
you were wondering.

As far as the trends go, gin continues to be the belle of the ball, with the focus slowly shifting from all things sweet and pink into crisp, citrus flavours. Tequila continues to evolve in UK perceptions beyond the bottle with the little red hat on top and the associated sense of regret, with more drinkers shifting to
quality agave liquids. Rum, once again, grows just behind gin, driven by flavours and infusions from brands that have been quick to act on these trends. All of these trends are tempered by the slight nervousness of the unknown; every bottle needs to pull its weight now more than ever. Getting the right range has never been more important, and we want to help you nail it. After more than a year of drinking at home, it’s time to remind the drinking public exactly what they’ve been missing.


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