Limited Edition – Food Guide

Our final Distilled edition for 2019 focusses on a topic which I am sure is a firm favourite amongst many of us – food! And not just food, but food and spirits – what a pairing!

The concepts of the ‘aperitif’ and ‘digestif’ certainly aren’t new ones, but when it comes to matching food to drinks, spirits haven’t always been front of mind. However, with the growing consumer trend towards spirits and a range of great brands on the market, it really should be one to consider. Our Distilled guide to food will hopefully provide some inspiration on how to promote spirits with food, particularly, as we approach the important festive season.

To get the taste buds going, the aperitif, usually dry and refreshing, is the perfect way to start a meal. Ketel One Citroen is a staple for a variety of aperitif serves including a zesty martini or the alternative Andalusian Buck, sharpened with some manzanilla sherry.

Next up Villa Asceti gin which uses acutely Italian ingredients including Moscato grapes, fresh mint and thyme. Perfect with Italian-style small plates or sushi. Sticking with seafood, oysters specifically and not the usual vodka pairing you would expect! Yardhead whisky is sweet and mellow which with sea-salty oysters creates an intense savoury/sweet balance on the palate.

Gin Sul has botanical influences from around the world – heavily influenced from Portugal and Germany, it also matches nicely with spicy dishes such as curry. It’s got the botanical freshness to slice through the heat and, the effervescence of a tonic mixer, prepares the palate for the next mouthful.

For a bit of sweet and spice, Glenfiddich Fire & Cane is a must try. It may well divide opinions but it’s a great conversation point and perfectly matched with spicy foods and meats. Old Forester is a great Bourbon and will jazz up any BBQ-style burger and ribs menu and perfect in a Smash serve.

Cold brew coffee is creating a buzz across the high street, which you can bring to life with Slane Irish Whiskey, for a cool twist on the traditional Irish Coffee. Make sure you have some interesting coffee serves on your menu to maximise the spirits opportunity at the end of a meal.

Finally, our mixer addition from Franklin & Sons is a personal favourite of mine. Rosemary tonic water with black olive is just a delicious balance of herbaceous and salty flavours, which is perfect with a vermouth and olive garnish.



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